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Climax to the Book of Revelation (DVD)

Climax Revelation FRONT“The Climax of the Book of Revelation: A Study of Revelation 19–22”
by Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., Th.D.

DVD-1012: 6 DVDs; 6 lectures (almost 6 hours of study)

PLEASE NOTE: These videos are not in Hi-Definition and were filmed with only one camera.

NOTE: A free downloadable syllabus is available on this website. This printable syllabus provides the outlines for the lectures and leaves space for note-taking.

This video series presents my messages at a Revelation conference in Oregon in March, 2014.

After presenting significant introductory material on Revelation as a whole, these lectures focus on the final four chapters of Revelation. These messages present even more detailed information on this section of Revelation than my lectures on the whole book of Revelation (titled: “Survey of the Book of Revelation.”

These six lectures focus on the final four chapters of Revelation. They show that God’s enemies are defeated so that his people might receive the victory. Much of modern exposition of these chapters miss the main themes and ultimate point.

Revelation is a terrifying book filled with grotesque creatures. In its vivid drama we witness locusts with the faces of men, lion-headed horses, a seven-headed dragon with his acolyte the seven-headed beast, a serpent that vomits out a river, and more.

As its narrative unfolds we hear rolling thunder, crashing lightning, moaning earthquakes, destructive winds, booming voices, thundering hooves, and loud trumpets. No wonder “great fear” (Rev 11:11) seizes men and the “fear of torment” (18:15) terrifies them.

But Revelation is a terrifying book with an uplifting theme. Its goal is not destruction — though destruction sweeps away the evil-doers. Rather it unfolds relentlessly to a glorious conclusion resulting in the victory of Christ and the coming of the New Jerusalem and the new heavens and new earth. Terror sweeps us along in its dramatic journey; but joy lifts our spirits in his wonderful conclusion.

Most contemporary studies of Revelation focus on the dragon and the beast and the woe that they cause. And oftentimes they do so in such a way as to diminish John’s glorious point: God is “making all things new” (22:5).


Disk 1: Introducing Revelation (1 hr., 15 min.)
Disk 2: Revelation 19 (Part 1) (2 hr., 2 mins.)
Disk 3: Revelation 19 (Part 2) (1 hr., 8 mins.)
Disk 4: Revelation 20 (Part 1) (54 mins.)
Disk 5: Revelation 20 (Part 2) (40 mins.)
Disk 6: Revelation 21-22 (54 mins.)

PLEASE NOTE: These videos are not in Hi-Definition and were filmed with only one camera.

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