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Keys to the Book of Revelation

Keys to Book of Revelation

Keys to the Book of Revelation

Includes four DVDs and a downloadable syllabus that can be reproduced for small group settings.

Have you ever wished you could unlock the mysteries of Revelation?
Have you lamented Revelation as a closed door?

In this new professionally-produced four DVD set, Dr. Kenneth Gentry provides the necessary keys for opening Revelation to a deeper and clearer understanding. Filmed at a Revelation conference, these four lectures cover the basics necessary for understanding this challenging book.

The four lectures are:
1. Setting and Expectation of Revelation
2. Theme and Focus of Revelation
3. Characters and Flow in Revelation
4. Millennium and New Creation in Revelation

With these keys in hand you can at last gain easy access into this most difficult book of Scripture. Come sit in on the conference and gain a deeper understanding of The Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Special note: You can find the syllabus on the website in the SYLLABI section under the title: “Keys to the Book of Revelation: The Syllabus.”

Viewer’s Review

From J. M. (Lake Elsinore, Calif.):
Thank you for your new work, “Keys to the Book of Revelation”. I found it extremely enlightening, very well organized and nicely presented. The production overall seems to be of a higher quality than some of your previous DVDs. The added visuals and additional camera angles helped to keep me focused and made the video more interesting to watch than just a single camera shot. Your syllabus is a wonderful addition and very helpful in learning and retaining the information presented. It will become a nice handy reference.

Your witty end credits and warnings at the end of each DVD were a great touch! Very funny! It seemed from watching some of your other DVDs and listening to your Harlot and The Beast CDs that you have a fun sense of humor. I’ve really enjoyed reading and listening to your teachings. Great insights from a great man of God.

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