Victorious Hope Publishing

Lord of the Saved

Lord of the Saved

Lord of the Saved:
Getting to the Heart of the Lordship Debate

116 pp.; Paperback.

Is it possible to know Jesus as Savior and not as Lord? That is the central issue in this book, and it has immense implications. This book was written out of a concern over deficient gospel preaching, false conversions, and faulty assurance of salvation.

This is a succinct reformed defense of “Lordship salvation” against easy-believism.

1. The Debate Unfolds
2. Faith and Salvation
3. Repentance and Salvation
4. The Lordship of Christ and Salvation
5. Discipleship and Salvation
6. Preaching the Lord of Salvation
Appendix: The Higher Life Movement
Index of Scripture

Reviewer Comments:

“Very helpful contribution. Scholarly and irenic.” (Jerry Bridges)

“Excellent lexical analysis.” (John MacArthur)

“As clear and concise a statement of the position as can be found anywhere.” (Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society)

“Major points of the controversy are presented clearly and concisely. Very persuasive.” (Bookstore Journal)

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